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Creating end-to-end information symmetry in agriculture


The information symmetry is vital in policy formation and evaluation in agriculture. Through our dynamic and interactive products, we are addressing lack of primary data. The sector needs accurate and complete digital information to guide formation, implementation, marketing, monitoring and assessment of agricultural policies.

We are creating solutions for digitising the data collection processes and enabling data-driven understanding of markets by helping stakeholders reach out to each other and accomplish the best out of their products, services and schemes.


Technology is the answer


Agriculture in India has so far stayed untouched by the impact of technology, and we are very happy to change that through our products. We believed agriculture, of all the sectors, should be marvelled by the wonders of a digitised system that monitors and caters to its needs.

Information asymmetry existing in the system needs a scalable, integrable and customised approach to resolve it. FarmGuide is integrating technology such as machine learning and data analytics to create customized information to cater to farm businesses and growers through business intelligence and timely information respectively.

Our vision is to ensure transparency and accuracy in agricultural supply chain by ensuring a secure flow of information between stakeholders
Here's what makes our products unique
  • ProductIcon Effortless Technology

    We are creating our products in a way that they can be used by all the stakeholders including village level field employees without any instruction manuals or individual guidance.

  • ProductIcon Data Analytics

    We are applying advanced big- data analytics technologies and techniques on our data sets which includes granular level data such as farm size, irrigation facility, crops, weather and pest attacks, to predict macro parameters such as crop risks, commodity prices, harvest density, market scope for agri input providers etc.

  • ProductIcon Market Penetration

    We are dynamically capturing, processing and providing relevant information to farmers and related stakeholders exclusively, helping input providers, financial institutions, FMCG and harvest buyers at every stage of customer acquisition to increase efficiency and coverage across their operation.

  • ProductIcon Scale

    Catering to the sector that boasts of maximum dependency and largest market size, each of our products has created a unique and large scale user-base, for eg. our crop insurance software solution alone has currently 3 lakh bank branch users, 2.5 lakh common service centers, over 2 lakh government agriculture field officers benefitting over 12 crore farmers nationwide.

  • ProductIcon Field Understanding

    Being aware of the fact that agriculture is an unorganised sector with insanely complex hierarchies, we visit the fields and understand existing processes to relish the sheer thrill involved in developing products that cater to all stakeholders, primarily farmers.

Taking supply chain stakeholders with us